Top Reasons to Visit Pembroke Pines

The views. The energy. Or it may be the warmth or the percolating culture. There may be a million reasons to visit Pembroke Pines. We are confident that one or all of of those reasons would be perfect for you.

Pembroke Pines’ Natural Natives

People have come to regard Pembroke Pines as a natural sanctum for rare flora and fauna. Several protected or rare species from owls, squirrels, sea turtles and endemic vegetation are the main delights for nature lovers and visitors.

Pick a Landscape, Any Landscape

In a surprisingly short interval, you could move from dunes and shoreline to mangroves and wetlands and into scrub forest before finding yourself in open flowered prairie. Such is the range of Pembroke Pines’ surprising topography.

With Open Arms

As we’ve already mentioned in previous posts, Pembroke Pines is the typical example of the American city as melting pot. You can feel the vibrancy of early American, Caribbean, Afro-American, and Central/ South American cultures with each step you take through its sunny streets. And Pembroke Pines is just getting started.

In a rapidly globalizing world, even more peoples and countries are starting to take a serious look at the Florida area. More recently, visitors from Asia are starting to show greater interest. This means we are in for an even more exciting interplay of cultures and evolving identity for Pembroke Pines.

A City of Potential

The upbeat mood of an improving economy can be catching. And that certainly seems to be the case when you look at what’s happening in Pembroke Pines. Streets and neighborhoods have been transformed. There is also a more proactive spirit among the citizenry to uplift communities as only they can do themselves.

More and more visitors are thinking of eventually becoming residents. And understandably, some actually do take that step.

That may be the most crucial advantage for Pembroke Pines. A collective optimism has acquired a momentum that is almost unstoppable.

7 Best Pizza Places in Pembroke Pines

The art of the perfect pizza has seen a blossoming of regional styles and tastes, with as many differences in crust thickness, tomato sauce volume and consistency as there are new ingredients to top off the pie.

And so in no particular order, here’s our top 7 pizza picks in the Pembroke Pines area; we’re confident you will find your new favorite right here.

Coley’s Pizza
Shoppes of SilverLakes, 18381 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines

If it’s New York-style pizza you’re after, you can’t get much closer than Coley’s with its faithful recipes of large hand-tossed thin crusts. It has a generous but not heaping amount of tomato sauce and sublime cheeses, which is perfect if you want to fold it in half for easier eating, naturally. Customers swear by great service and a cheerful atmosphere.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza
11037 Pines Blvd 3430, Pembroke Pines

What sets Anthony’s pizzas are its signature charred-crust pies with its unique patch-burn crust. It’s truly “well-done pizza” as only this pizzeria serves, along with a mouth-watering menu that includes oven-roasted chicken wings, and roast beef sandwiches.

Dough Boys Pizza
292 NW 172nd Ave, Hollywood, FL 33029

A crust that’s baked neither too thin nor too thick, especially for its unbeatable Margherita pizza, is what keeps them coming back to Dough Boys. That and its amazing spread – from their garlic rolls with molten mozzarella to Chicken Caesar Salad to baked ziti and calzone – makes this a neighborhood favorite.

John the Baker
Stirling Town Center, 2116 N Flamingo Rd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

John the Baker is an actual person who happens to bake the best mushroom pizza in these parts. He’s also formed close personal ties with residents who can’t seem to get enough of his unmatched Italian subs and “awesome” lasagna.

Amici’s Ristorante& Pizzeria
Village Square, 1629 N Hiatus Rd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33026

Amici’s claim to fame is that it simply makes the “best sauce” and puts it on its wonderful pizzas as well as on what has been described as an amazing Eggplant Parmesan sandwich. It also has a smaller and more intimate vibe.

Jersey Johns Pizzeria
Pembroke Pines Shopping Plaza 10460 Taft St, Pembroke Pines, FL

This pizzeria’s specialty is in delivery, and there’s certainly a huge swarm of customers who keep its phone ringing off the hook. The house specialty is its Pepperoni pizza and wings.

Santino’s Pizza and Pasta
Shoppes of SilverLakes, 18267 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33029

This is where to get thin, delicious pizzas and enjoy them in a wholesome and cozy family atmosphere. The subs are good here too, and if you still have room you must try their “traditional” Stromboli.

Best Charity Organizations for Pembroke Pines

As a diverse and multifaceted community, Pembroke Pines has many noteworthy charities dedicated to the advancement of social, medical, or cultural aims.

American Legion

A leading veteran’s association serving a wide range of concerns, the American Legion has been making a difference since it was chartered and incorporated in 1919. As the nation’s most comprehensive fighting veteran’s service agency, it is especially active in the youth programs and “wholesome programs in our communities.”

Road Runners Club of America

As a 501[c] 3 classified nonprofit organizations, all donations go directly to support the RRCA’s programs that support national health through long distance running. Founded in 1958 with a focus on the sport, the RRCA’s recent push back “into the heartland” of America may also describe a return to the basic values of integrity and health. It has an especially enthusiastic number of adherents in the Pembroke Pines area due to the beautiful running venues available.

The Jamaican Children’s Heart Fund

Since 2010 the JCHF has been providing critical medical outreach missions, primarily through cardiac surgical missions for indigent children in Jamaica as well as other countries. There are an increasing number of infants and children afflicted with congenital heart disease, and the JCHF provides free pediatric open-heart surgery that would otherwise be very expensive to obtain.

Culture Vultures

As a community arts group dedicated to “spreading culture around South Florida,” Culture Vultures has also committed to present an enlightened message that goes “beyond art.” Started by Connie Di Falco-Friedman together with four art-loving friends, the group hosts a series of traveling lecturers on all aspects of culture including music, philosophy and psychology.

This is just a sampling of our favorite charities that deal with special interests in cultural exchange, medical philanthropy, and the promotion of youth and health values. Please take your time in researching these particular groups further either on their websites or through online resources to see what they are currently engaged in.It’s also important to double-check identities and authorized agencies that accept donations on their behalf.

Best Local Tours in Pembroke Pines

There are countless things to do in Pembroke Pines. You may want to engage in more conventional activities or you’re leaning towards something more interesting, something that’s off the “normal” track. It’s all yours to experience and Pembroke Pines has more than its fair share of options.

The best way to have fun and gain more local knowledge is to take any or all of Pembroke Pines’ tours. We’ve lined up a few for your consideration, just remember some are definitely not for the meek or the weak of heart!

The Ghost Tours

Pembroke Pines is such a great place to live that,well, some souls have grown too reluctant to leave.

Some swear by the fact that this is indeed the case at many venues. They’ve got imaginative names such as the Waffle House Murders, or the Tropication Arts Poltergeist. Wherever chains may be rattling, there’s a local tour to take you through a bone chilling evening of exploration.

But if you do see something rush past the corner of your eye. If you hear, or worse, feel something go bump in the night, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Boating and Watersports Tours
Or if you want a brighter but no less thrilling daytime activity, there are many tour companies that make the most of the breezy Florida waterways that surround Pembroke Pines.

Strengthen your core with Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board tours that provide instruction and training for every skill level from beginner to expert. Professional instructors at Leeward Paddle Tours are more than happy to help you achieve your most optimum form with special tips and pointers.

Helicopter Tours

Pembroke Pines and its surrounding areas are simply so vast and diverse that sometimes the perfect way to take it all in is from the 10,000-foot view or higher. That’s why numerous helicopter tour companies operate in the area, providing unequaled views of coastlines, waterways, and of the interior Everglades.

South Beach Helicopters is just one of the many competent companies that operate reliable aircraft fleets and will take you through an exciting sweep of this exceptional landscape.

Pembroke Pines 2015 Events and Festivals

As you might expect, a Florida community like Pembroke Pines sits on an interesting convergence point of cultures. Successive waves of people and their lifestyles have left their indelible mark on a unique urban culture. Distinct influences of historic Dixie, Caribbean, South and Central American origins can certainly be felt today.

There is a heady mix of cultures and communities at Pembroke Pines, centering on cuisine, arts, music, and socio-civic initiatives. The majority of Pembroke Pines residents are also notably progressive and forward thinking.

Celebratory festivals such as Cinco de Mayo and other once-foreign events have happily become as American as burritos. Pembroke Pines is a notable example of this integration and assimilation, and of how united communities find common ground to celebrate life.

Just one of many examples of this melodious blending is the TroubaJazz festival hosted by the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce. Although, relatively new to the rest of the country, Haitian culture is gaining enthusiasts across the Gulf Coast, primarily through its interesting cuisine, painting and folklore. The TroubaJazz festival focuses on soulful yet lively music, highlighting the mesmerizing mix of Haitian and American jazz tempos.

Of course the local Cuban community is a vibrant and thriving one, as evidenced in its similar influence on music and cuisine throughout Pembroke Pines. The annual IFE-ILE Afro-Cuban Dance Festival usually held in the second half of the year, is a focus of this flowering of flavors and rhythms.

But this is hardly scratching the surface of what the city has to offer. Even as older regional influences and celebrations have become established in this dynamic city, newer ones from around the world are arriving, continuously introducing more colors to the wonderful and massive cultural quilt that is Pembroke Pines.

Other Pembroke Pines events to watch out for this year include:

  • 4th of July Independence Day Celebration & Fireworks Show
  • Symphony of the Americas Summerfest 2015 on July 28
  • Jazz in the Pines Concert (One Sunday afternoon a month throughout the year, except June-August)
  • 3rd Annual Bow Wow Ween on October 10
  • Booville Halloween Event on October 30
  • The Art Reception for Children’s Holiday in the Pines on December 1

What Are the Top 10 Parks in the Pembroke Pines Area?

If you’re an avowed nature lover or a busy city dweller making a rare foray into the great outdoors, you couldn’t have chosen a better place than Pembroke Pines. Here, in no particular order, are our top picks of the best open spaces in the area:

1. Amelia Earhart Park

515acres (208.41 hectares)defined by challenging bike trails. Includes The Bill Graham Farm Village, whichlets you experience of historic rural Americana. Other attractions include a 5-acre dog park and an 18-hole disc golf course.

2. Hugh Taylor Birch State Recreation Area

The wildlife is certainly the showcase here. Among its residents are the gopher tortoise and more than 200 different species of birds. You can also rent a canoe and navigate its mile-long freshwater lagoon. There is also a beach and generous campgrounds.

3. Haulover Beach Park Marina

With the Intracoastal Waterway bordering one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, this marina offers phenomenal fishing. The modern Bill Bird Marina provides exclusive access to 152 wet slips suitable for vessels measuring up to 120 feet.

4. Markham Park

Markham Park’s huge 666 acres offers the adventurous traveler everything he or she may want. You can tour the Fox Observatory, fly your remote controlled plane, or bring your four-legged friend to the humorously named Barkham Dog Park. There is also a swimming pool complex, fishing and boating, as well as tennis or racquetball.

5. C.B. Smith Park

There is a water park within this relatively smaller but equally beautiful public park. It is called “Paradise Cove” and offers a unique way to get closer to nature. Aside from many conventional recreational activities such as fishing, basketball, batting cages, and racquet sports, C.B. Smith also has its own special protected area for the rare burrowing owl.

6. Pembroke Park Preserve

As its name suggests this sprawling park is an ecological oasis, sitting near a lakeshore and is close enough to the town of Wanaka to be regarded as an “important urban park.” It represents the perfect mix of flora, fauna, and outdoor recreational sports for many returning visitors.

7. Miramar Pineland Park

With new amenities, this is one of the most multi-faceted natural parks you can visit. It offers a varied selection of natural vistas including forests, wetlands and prairie. Well worth a trip just for the unique and diverse plant life in each setting.

8. Boaters Park

Part of the Broward County park system, Boaters park is accessible only by – you guessed it – boat. This makes it an excellent and yet naturally exclusive destination for sport fishermen and water sports enthusiasts.

9. Everglades Holiday Park

It’s hard to talk of Florida without mentioning the Everglades. And this 29-acre park’s location has earned it a historic title as the “Gateway to the Everglades”. Naturally there are airboat rides, fishing, wildlife tours, and even alligator shows.

10. Hollywood North Beach Park

This is the park for simply unbeatable views. From its perimeter, you can enjoy more than a mile of the public beach of Hollywood, Florida. From its 60-foot wooden observation tower, you get a breathtaking wraparound view. There is also a regular release of loggerhead turtle hatchlings each season.

Annual Events in Pembroke Pines

For all the right reasons, Pembroke Pines is in a celebratory mood the whole year ‘round. Every year, the city’s calendar is filled with new events to commemorate special programs and initiatives. We’ve listed down some of the more notable annual events to watch out for below.

4th of July Fireworks Celebration

There’s strong sense of patriotism in Pembroke Pines, a city built on the dreams of returning veterans. Each year’s Independence Day fireworks celebrations try to outdo last year’s display – all with spectacular results.

Annual Arts Festival

Usually held around the 2nd week of March, this arts festival has been described as having a “delightful atmosphere,” wherein artists, visitors and patrons converge. It’s always a stimulating event that’s also an art market, musical concert and demonstration venue for young and aspiring artists.

Kids Konnection

Get your kids active and happy at the regular Kids Konnectionevent. There’s always something new to add to regular attractions such as rides, games, rock climbing, bounce houses, crafts and musical performances.

Annual Egg Hunt

Here’s one milestone every city will find hard to match: 50,000 eggs. All were up for grabs at the last Pembroke Pines annual Easter Egg Hunt, which charges no admission fee. The first 500 kids usually get special prizes or gifts.


For just a nominal fee, kids can experience all the fun of a thrilling Halloween at Boo-Ville that is usually held at the Pines Recreation Center. There is a costume contest, rides, pumpkin patch and more. Concessionaires also operate till the darker hours.

Snow Fest

It may rarely or never snow in Florida, but that doesn’t stop everyone at Pembroke Pines to frolic and make snow angels to their heart’s content. Snow Fest is usually held in December and up to 50 tons of snow is regularly trucked in to create a true Winter Wonderland.

Sundaes with Santa

Santa and his special helpers invite kids of all ages to create truly magnificent ice cream sundaes just before Christmas arrives. Magic shows, art demonstrations and workshops will also be featured.

Pines Day

The City of Pembroke Pines observes its official birthday during Pines Day and treats everyone to a colorful festival and various concerts. There is usually a commemorative parade down Pines Boulevard which residents and visitors alike enjoy.

Memorial Day 5K Run and Pool Party

No plans yet for this Memorial Day weekend? Come on out to the Memorial Day 5K Run in Pembroke Falls. The Moscoso Group is sponsoring the event, which is going to be from 7:30 to 9:30 am on the 25th.

Running your heart out sounds like a great way to bid farewell to spring and say hello to summer. It’s also a good time to get a good run in before summer weather comes to town. Running during the warmer months in South Florida is not for the faint of heart; but if you’re planning on running a marathon in the fall or you just want to toughen up more, then you may want to get in some challenging but ultimately strengthening summer training here.

After the run, you can cool off at the Memorial Day Pool Party, which will be from 10 am to 2 pm.

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