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Pembroke Falls Open House

Join Pilar and The Moscoso Group- Keller Williams Realty this Saturday, September 26th, between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. at our Pembroke Falls Open House and see this Renovated “Captiva” model in Edgewater.

See you Tomorrow!

Call for more information 954-438-0345

Glennon Open House-9.26

Pembroke Falls Food Truck Event

Hop on The Moscoso Trolley  & Come to the Food Truck Event

Wednesday, September 2nd
5pm – 9pm

Food Trucks  /  FREE Beer  /  Water   /  Music  /  Game Trucks /  Laser Tag 

*** Come Early and Meet The Moscoso Group. Sign-up to Win Great Prizes ***

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Sponsored by: 

Your Pembroke Falls Experts 

Pilar and The Moscoso Real Estate Group – Keller Williams Realty. 

Selling Homes in our Neighborhood since 1997!

Pembroke Falls Real Estate Seminar

Join Us!

Pembroke Falls Real Estate Seminar
Presented by

Pilar & The Moscoso Real Estate Group from  Keller Williams Realty  


Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015
7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Pilar Moscoso from The Moscoso Real Estate Group

     a) Trends of the Market

     b) Inventory Market Supply

     c) Today’s Pricing Strategy

Linda Chambers from Chase Bank

     a) Current Mortgage Environment

     b) Lending Programs and Products

     c) Special Financing Incentives

Lee Gorodetsky from L&S Insurance

     a) Things to know for Homeowners Insurance in Pembroke Falls

     b) Home Insurance Prices

     c) Do you still need Flood Insurance?


“Come early to participate in the raffles”

Pembroke Pines: A Big City With Small-Town Charm

Pembroke Pines is the tenth largest city in Florida as well as Broward County’s second most populous, with an estimated population of more than 162,000 permanent residents. Notwithstanding its size, the city has a small-town atmosphere and has a vibrant community of residents who all enjoy an unparalleled quality of life.

Pembroke Pines is home to plenty of beautiful, lush parks, as well as top-notch, shopping, dining, and entertainment venues. Here, residents experience year-round tropical temperatures and pleasant, sunny days perfect for spending countless hours enjoying a wide variety of outdoor activities and events.

This is the perfect city for both young families and retirees, as Pembroke Pines boasts over 20 top-notch schools and universities as well as five active lifestyle communities for those aged 55 and above.

Things to Do, Places to See

  • Pembroke Pines has a thriving arts and culture scene. The city is home to four facilities with fantastic art and cultural programs – the Fletcher Art & Cultural Center, the Susan B. Katz Theater, Studio 18, and Glass Gallery.
  • The 300-acre C.B. Smith Park provides great outdoor activities for visitors of all ages. This very popular park has a diverse collection of amenities that include a water park, an expansive RV campground, a tennis complex, picnic areas, concert grounds, and a network of jogging and biking paths.
  • The Shops at Pembroke Gardens is one of the best shopping centers in the city. The open-air complex features a terrific blend of unique shopping and dining options, and is easily accessible from Interstate-75 at Pines Boulevard.
  • Want to see Florida from an entirely new perspective? Visit South Beach Helicopters, which provides scenic helicopter tours over the most beautiful locations in South Florida, Orlando, Miami Beach, the Florida Keys, and the Bahamas.

Pembroke Falls

Pembroke Falls is a premiere master-planned community nestled deep within the heart of Pembroke Pines. It is home to more than 2,000 families who all enjoy an active lifestyle with great outdoor activities, numerous attractions, and world-class amenities

The community enjoys convenient access to major highways as well as nearby shopping centers, schools, grocery stores, and city parks. For security, Pembroke Pines features four gated entrances that are guarded 24/7, as well as roving personnel who regularly patrol the neighborhood.


Outdoor lovers and sports enthusiasts of all ages will feel right at home inat Pembroke Falls, as the community features three basketball courts, eight lighted tennis courts, tot lots, a lakeside walking park, and a junior Olympic-sized pool.

The community also has its very own 18,000-square-foot clubhouse with a state-of-the-art fitness center, aerobics studio, activity rooms, and a grand ballroom. The clubhouse serves as the ideal venue for a wide variety of community events, parties, and gatherings, as well as different programs and activities like aerobics classes, arts and crafts workshops, self-defense lessons, and more.

Aside from the great amenities located within the community, residents also get easy access to nearby locations like the YMCA Aquatics Center, which has a selection of pools of different sizes, great for both recreational and competitive swimmers. The C.B. Smith Park is a great nearby destination as well, with excellent features such as water attractions, a network of jogging and biking paths, and areas for different fun activities like fishing and mini-golf.

For shopaholics, Pembroke Falls is located just a drive away from a fantastic selection of shopping malls. Nearby malls include Aventura Mall, Dolphin Mall, Broward Mall, Pembroke Lakes Mall, Sawgrass Mall, and the Shops of Pembroke Gardens.

Want to learn more about the community? Check out http://moscosogroup.com/pembroke-falls/. Let us help you find your ideal home in Pembroke Falls today!

Some Real Estate and Mortgage Terms, Simply Defined

As it is a specialized field, navigating through the world of real estate can certainly get confusing, especially if you don’t understand the concepts that come into play behind many of its frequently used terms.

Here are just a few of the common real estate and mortgage terms that you’re most likely to encounter in case you go out there and try to purchase a home, sell one, or apply for a mortgage loan in the near future.

Abstract of Title – a document that contains a summary of a property’s history with the recorded instruments and proceedings on the title of a property.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) – simply put, an ARM is a type of mortgage with interest rates that vary over a period of time – unlike a fixed mortgage, which has a static interest rate.

Amortization – the process of paying of a loan wherein the payment is primary allotted to paying off an accruing interest rate, with what’s left of that amount paid towards the principal amount. A loan payment is considered completely “amortized” if it has been paid off in the specified time.

Appraisal – the evaluation of the market value of a property by a licensed appraiser. This is based on an analysis of the recent sales of comparable homes in the area.

Buyer’s Broker – this term describes the homebuyer’s representative in a home purchase. The buyer’s broker will split the commission with the listing broker, the seller’s representative.

Capital Expenditure – refers to expenses that are meant to increase the value of the property.

Capitalization Rate – refers to a percentage taken from the property’s net income that the investor will get back each year.

Closing Costs – these are the additional costs in a home sale/purchase such as attorney and appraisal fees, title insurance, recording fees, and other payments for services provided during the close. These are summarized in the closing statement.

Declaration – this document acts as the master deed of the property. It contains legal descriptions of the building’s facilities, a plot, plans and specifications of the building and its units, as well as the degree of ownership of the unit owners.

Dual Agent – refers to a broker or a salesperson that represents both the buyer and seller of a particular property in one transaction. Note that dual agency is illegal in Florida.

Due Diligence – refers to the investigation wherein a property is reviewed for any legally binding liabilities.

Escrow – Refers to a third party that acts as a sort of “keeper” of certain items relevant to a transaction – in real estate dealings, an escrow may be the holder of money and documents once members of both parties within a contract deliver certain items or fulfill certain deliverables.

Economic Depreciation – talks about a property’s deterioration over time caused by a variety of reasons: from normal use to natural hazards to negligence in terms of maintenance.

Easement – refers to the right to use a piece of land despite not having ownership of it.

Fannie Mae – A term that pertains to the Federal Mortgage Association or FNMA, known to be the largest supplier of home mortgage funds in the United States.

Fair Market Value – the price of the property agreed upon by the buyer and the seller.

Floating Rate – also referred to as an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, a floating rate is a type of loan where the interest rate is not fixed over a term.

Foreclosure – the act of a lender taking a property’s title from an individual who is not able to pay a mortgage

Ginnie Mae – A term that pertains to the Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA). Ginnie Mae provides the funding for the government loans given by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) and the Veterans Benefits Association (VA).

Jumbo Loan – This lean exceeds the limits set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, whose loans are referred to as conforming loans, as opposed to a jumbo loan which is considered to be a non conforming loan.

Lien – Pertains to a legal claim on a property, which is discharged when the debt to the lien holder is paid.

Managing Agent – the person in charge of handling and maintaining building operations.

Market Value – a property’s estimated price based on the current state of the real estate market.

Negative Amortization – An amortization is classified as negative when the loan balance becomes larger instead of smaller – this occurs on adjustable fixed mortgages where interest rates fluctuate.

Net Lease – refers to the type of lease that the tenant pays which includes the property’s fixed rent and operational costs.

Open-ended Listing Contract – a contract between a seller and a broker that does not have a termination date.

Open Listing – a property for sale that is not signed under an exclusive agreement with a real estate broker.

PITI – This acronym stands for principal, interest, taxes and insurance.

Percentage Lease – a rental amount composed of a fixed amount and a percentage of the lessee’s gross sales.

Periodic Tenancy – also referred to as an estate from year to yesr, this type of lease renews automatically.

Rate lock – A fixed interest rate that is assigned to a fixed period of time, at a fixed cost that has been agreed upon by a lender and a borrower.

VA mortgage – A mortgage given buy the Veterans Administration that can be availed by eligible veterans, members of the military, and their spouses.